Easy Medi, LLC TCPA Landing Page Opt-In Language

By clicking the “Call: 877-561-0324” button, you agree to Easy Medi, LLC’s (“ESM”) Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy as they appear immediately below. You further agree that by clicking the button immediately above, your call will be routed to either ESM or an ESM third party affiliate (“Affiliate”, and collectively with ESM, “Us”), and you consent to the routing of the phone call, the use of automated technology, the use of recurring auto-dialers, the utilization of pre-recorded messages, and the transmission and receipt of in-bound text messages (“SMS”) at a phone number provided by you (collectively, the “Communications”). You agree to provide Us information concerning whether your phone number is on a federal, state, or local “Do Not Call List” or that you otherwise do not wish to be contacted by phone call or SMS. Your clicking of the above button indicates to us that you are not on a Do Not Call List. Furthermore, your clicking of the above button indicates to Us that you wish to be contacted by Us in the future for further Communications. Any charges imposed by your telephone company will be your responsibility for phone calls and/or SMS. Your consent to speak to Us over the phone and receive further Communications is revocable at any time by clicking STOP (or something similar) to opt-out of phone calls and SMS text messages. You further understand and consent to the offering of any and all products by Us (the “Offers”), although you may opt-out of those Offers using the previously described methods. You also understand that an Affiliate may have its own terms, privacy policy, and cookies policy, or other policies that may require your consent. If you are routed to an Affiliate, you agree to abide by their terms and conditions and understand that you will not be serviced by ESM absent further engagement by you with ESM directly. By clicking the “Call: 877-561-0324” button you authorize direct telephonic communications through phone calls and SMS by either ESM and/or an Affiliate, you authorize the promotion and sales of additional products or services, and you consent to the Terms, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy as they appear immediately below.